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Pairodocs occasionally has older cats who have been retired as breeders or show cats that we would like to place out in pet homes.  Yes, it's hard to see them leave, but since healthy indoor cats are now living to be 18 to 20 years old, they still have long lives ahead.  We would prefer they spend that time in a loving environment with more attention than we can give them in a multi-cat household.  These cats have not been caged cattery cats and, with some patience, should adapt well into a new home.   


Tatiana is a very sweet girl who adores people, ALL people. She will give you all the love, affection and attention that you could possibly want.  She sits on your lap, likes to sleep beside your pillow and is generally content to be where ever you are.   However, she doesn't like other animals, so she would be best placed as a single cat.  She would make a wonderful companion for an older single person or couple.  She has a wonderful, soft, and easy to care for coat.  Tati is a tortie and white, 4 years old, already spayed and in excellent health.


Tesuque (or Sukie) is a calm, quiet 1 year old neuter. He loves to sleep by your pillow, and when you are sitting, he likes to sit on the chair arm beside you.  He is still a kitten at heart, and loves to play, which can give you exercise too!  He has a wonderful, soft, and easy to care for coat.  Sukie is a black and white, already neuterd and in excellent health.

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