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The Turkish Van Photo Gallery 

Pairodocs has lots of pictures taken over the years.  Some we did ourselves when we found our cats in a particularly funny or sweet posing.  Others were taken by professionals.  But come in for a look to see the many dimensions of Vans!.

Glamour Shots!

Yes, there are professional photographers who specialize in animals.  Most of my pictures have been taken by two particularly talented and experienced photographers.  It takes more than just photographic skills... they also have to know how to communicate with the cats, to make them feel comfortable and to read their minds on which toy will particularly get their attention.  And above all, it takes patience!  In effect, they have to be Cat Whisperers!!  The two photographers that Pairodocs Virginia uses most often are Jim Child of Baltimore and Richard Katris in California. While all of our photos have been taken at cat shows, both photographers can set up home visits when they are in your area. Click on their links below to see their other work!  Please remember that their photographs are professional property and constitute their livelihood, so you need to pay to use them.  It is illegal to just download them and use them for your own purposes.

Jim Child Photography Chanan Photography

If you'd like to see our show cats in their "prom photos", click here.

Fun Shots!

Vans get themselves into all sorts of Funny, Stupid, Clumsy and Sweet shots.  If we are lucky enough to have a camera at hand, we try to capture them.  With the advent of digital cameras, this is a lot easier.  

To see our wonderful Vans at home and play, click here.







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